Reflections on policies & trends influencing Mental Health

Reflections on policies & trends influencing Mental Health

Reflections of influences on mental health placements: these were in Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT) and secure inpatient units.

Negative influences

  • Politics  removal of benefits
    • reduction in PIP* for one lady with severe anxiety reduced her support  and reduced access to the community as a result, she felt her MH was worsening
    • What? middle aged man with EUPD & psychosis felt it was unfair the cuts to disabled benefits, when he was assessed for his PIP he felt because he could ‘function’ in the interview and speak coherently he was marked up in his ability whereas he felt he could not manage day to day. He said this reflected people often dismissing mental health because it cannot be seen and he looks ‘normal’.
    • So what? He felt very angry about this and sometimes this was directed at any healthcare staff even those not responsible for benefits, such as when groups were cancelled due to staff shortages.
    • Now what? Reflected at the time that it must be difficult to find an outlet for your frustration and anyone working for public sector could be a symbol of the government, remember to not take anger at service constraints personally.

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