Lean On Me

Lean On Me

Who is going to lean on you?

Who are you going to lean on?

What does this mean for you as a healthcare professional?

Leaning otters

As an occupational therapist, team members from the different allied health professionals and other healthcare professionals will be leaning on me to provide my part of the care for patients. The patients themselves will also rely on me to provide the treatment they expect and are entitled to.

I will be leaning back on my healthcare colleagues as I will need to liaise with them to organise services for my patients that have been agreed as part of their therapy plan. I would also imagine I will be relying on any administratiive staff to help me with admin and communication between departments and patients. I will be leaning on my clinical supervisor and line manager, and whilst I am a student, my personal tutor.

As a healthcare professional this means it will be give and take,  I will need to communicate well and build rapport, and working as a team/with other healthcare professionals and staff members will be crucial.